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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 6, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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arrests made in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. what is next in the criminal case against the two suspects. >> and michelle obama is in the bay area. what the former first lady is doing now at day two of apple's developer conference. >> putting down the tron -- tron electronic -- electronics for out door fun. happy tuesday morning. a loov -- live look at levi stadium. a couple of birds making their way out to the runway here. june is here. if i had to take off right now i would go up to alaska. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow . >> the airport right there in that shot just made you think of jumping on a plane. somewhere in alaska. >> i would want to be hot and
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sunny. >> i would do new york city. i know that you went recently frp >> yeah -- recreptly. >> yeah -- recently. >> yeah . >> especially in the summer. >> last hot and humid. >> if you don't mind humidity. gasia, what was your pick? >> nice, like san felipe, mexico. we have to begin with two men now facing criminal charges in the deaths of 36 people in oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire. >> the manager of the goes ship ware -- ghost ship warehouse derick almena and mark harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> henry lee reports that the charges come as investigators say they weren't able to determine the cause of the fire. >> 36 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter, that's the criminal charge filed against derick almena, the manager of the ghost ship warehouse where 36 people died in december. this is his mug shot from lake county where he was arrested monday morning. also facing the same charges,
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max harris, almena's second in command who was the doorman. harris was arrested in los angeles. >> tex pose your for -- the exposure for all of those counts equals 39 years. >> al mii -- alameda county district attorney than showers -- nancy o'malley said they created the conditions that led to the deaths. they kept flammable material inside, allowed extension cords and blocked an exit. the paying guests were faced to not be able to get out of that building. defendants almena and harris created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> prosecutors did not file charges against the property owner. they would in the e will -- they would not elaborate. >> today we are discussing the charges against his individuals and are not going to take
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charges as to speculative questions like that. >> in a statement attorneys for almena said that we intend to defend him in a court of law. we believe that these charges represent noless than -- no less than a miscarriage of justice and the escape to make our client a scapegoat will fail. >> joins us now, ktvu analyst michael cordova. these charges carry a maximum of 36 years in prison. do you think these men will see this and what's your reaction to the involume rare -- involuntary manslaughter charge? >> i think that it's the right charge with the death of all these people and the condition that the building was in. the district attorney had every right to file th. -- file this. as far as the counts, one year per count. will they see that in -- see that? no, they won't in my opinion. i don't know if they will try and get rid of this and do as little jail time
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as they can or whether they will actually take this to a jury. >> the district attorney aid yesterday knowingly created a fire trap, saying they like did it on purpose. if you are defending these two how do you defend them? >> first off let me is you, do you think that -- ask you do you think that these men mad a thought -- men had a thought, look at the building, it's a mess, fire would break out. >> don't you have a responsibility as a building manager if you are blocking one of only two entrances? shouldn't you think about should i put this here? >> shoumd you -- should you be, yes but then you move towards a criminal negligence. it doesn't matter. you were criminally negligence. you were so negligent that if you didn't think about it you should have thought about it and therefore you're responsible. i don't think that any jury is going to think they thought about this. >> when jury's see that so many
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people died and empathize that's the risk for these defendants getting in front of a jury. sdwls there's no -- is there's no question -- >> there's no question about it. being in alameda county is an extra special problem. they may ask for a change of venue. that's a little bit tricky. judges don't like to do that and when a juror comes in a juror can say, you know, i heard about this but i haven't formed an opinion. i don't know. i'll wait until the evidence coming in. so just -- comes in. so just because jurors have heard about it doesn't mean they are excluded. there are some skrujs -- judges that say i'm not going to grapt your change of venue motion until we bring a jury panel and let's vet them, chat it up and see what they say. if they all say i made up my mind then the judge may have to move this. >> it's like a national story though. it's kind of like no getting away from it. >> yeah, but -- i'll give you an example. scott peterson goes from san mateo county. i never thought that that was far enough. i have friends in l.a. i used to be a d.a.
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in l.a. and l.a. didn't pay much attention to scott peterson. if this case moves it can not be move in our counties or northern california. i bet you money that nobody in l.a. has really heard about it. >> something that took me by surprise that said as the lease holer almena is -- leaseholder almena is responsible for installing fire suppression systems. i thought what about the owner? i know they didn't talk about the owner yesterday. maybe some criminal charges will be fired. you're the one fobl spr the most -- responsible for the most part, right? >> you are making a lot of money off these people, you are spoebl -- responsible for your building. from what i understand, this woman lives in china. do you think after she hears about this -- -- -- do you think after she hears about this -- >> file the charges. >> she will stay in china. if you come here you are going to get arrested. >> they probably did. they probably didn't file charges on her because for all intents and
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purposes she's untouchable? >> i don't know. >> they did leave open the possibility. they said we won't comment about that at this time. >> we spoke with the daughter of the owner in the days after the tragedy. is there anything passed down if it's not my name on that document it doesn't matter what my mom or dad did? >> i think that the d.a. would go after her if she's a position of managing that building. >> help out mom and dad 6 -- mom and dad. >> i manage the building, i'm the daughter. if i managed the building i'm responsible. i'm taking money from people. if you're taking money from people give them a safe place to be. what they should have done is you don't get the party there, the building is not set up for that, take a look at it. no way that you can do that. so was she responsible? if not intentionally certainly criminal negligent. >> a lot of people don't think what the d.a. is charges is strict enough. there's still a lot of grief, a lot of out rage. what is your sense of that?
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>> well, it's difficult to get to a first degree murder certainly because you have to have the intent. it's not going there. then you get to the second degree which is you've done something so dangerous to human life that it county. i think that a jury would have a hard time coming back with a second. some d.a's may have filed it. they are doing the manslaughter, certainly they are going to get enough years. when you start adding these up a judge could go 38, 39 years. you get there pretty easily. so it will be up to negotiations or if they go to trial then it will be up to the judge to sentence. they could do an awful lot of time. 35 lives were lost because of what these men did or didn't do more importantly and that was take care of that building. >> before you go i want to ask about antolin garcia torres. the parns
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-- parents of sierra are mad. were you spiezed -- surprised? >> no, because there was no body. jurors can't find people guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. you get to the death part of it and in some of their minds, all of them minds said what if 20, 25 years from now she comings back and -- comes back and we take this man's life. they have to be certain. i mean , really certain that they want to administer the death penalty. i'm on the fence about the death penalty. there's this old saying that we kill someone that kill people to show people who killed people not to kill people. so that is sort of like if you have a child an one of the siblings is hitting the other you smack them in the head and say don't hit you're brother. there's a good message, don't hit your brother but yet you're hitting. i so i -- so i have a problem with that penalty. i did as a dvm d.a.
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i never tried a case and i tried over 30 murder cases and they would say death penalty. i always refused them because we didn't have a death penalty when i was trying a majority of my murder cases. last week i tried a guy that killed three people, this week this guy kills one person and we want to death penalty, can't do it. people in the state of california have to make up their mind. if we want it let's do it. we've had it for a while 67 i -- a while. i have a problem with it. it doesn't solve anything and i gafrn tina the family -- guarantee you that the family, it doesn't resolve the issue, she's still gone. it might make you feel a little better. families have talked about death when jurors brought it back and say made me feel a little bit better but still certainly missing my retive. >> thank you . -- relative. >> thank you. a man armeded with a hammer
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was wounded trying to attack police in paris. it happened outside of the noter dam cathedral. an officer shot and injured the suspect who was taken to a hospital for treatment. the extent of his injuries have not been released. french reports indicate that at least one officer was also hurt in the confrontation. witnesses report hearing two blasts that sounded like gunshots. hundreds of people in front of the cathedral were evacuated. the attacker was armed with a hammer. new detail on the saturday attack in london that killed soefb -- seven people. they identified the third attacker this morning. he was not a southbound jekt of interest -- subject of interest to police or the intelligence services. the other two are 27 and 30 years old. all three were killed by police just minutes after they drove a van into people on london bridge and started to stab others at pubs and
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restaurants near by. 12 people were taken into custody after the attack but later released. federal agents arrested a woman in georgia with top security clearance for leaking classified information to the media. 25-year-old reality lee winner worked as a contractor for the nsa. the fbi that -- said that she confessed to printing out an intelligence file about russia hafking con nekts today -- hacking connected to the u.s. presidential election and mailed it to an online news out let. there's been a push by president trump to crack down on government workers who leak classified information. >> i don't care if your republican our democrat, end -- or democrat when you have classified information you cannot put it out there because you think it would be a good idea. i want to see people in handcuffs and behind bars. >> winner has been charged under the espionage act. it can carry 10 years but most cases resulted in 1 to 3 years. the white house said that
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president trump will not use his executive privilege to stop former fbi director james comey from testifying before a senate committee this coming thursday. one of the topics laups say they -- lawmakers say they want to question comey about is whether president trump pressured him to drop the investigation into the former white house adviser michael flynn's ties to russia. republicans and democrats on the senate intelligence committee hope that comey is able to shed on light on the coordination between the trump presidential campaign and russia. comey's testimony is scheduled at 7:00 in the morning on thursday our time. ktvu will have complete coverage of comey's testimony on both of our channels. join us on ktvu mornings on 2 for updates throughout the morning and in depth analysis. if you want to see the complete testimony uninterrupted go to our second channel ktvu plus. coming up, bill cosby's sexual assault child is under way but will an accuser's mother
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be able to take the stand. more coming up. >> reporter: former first lady michelle obama speaking to a room full of engineers here in san jose at the apple worldwide developers conference. we have pictures to show you and what we are learning about the topics of discussion underway right now. ht now.
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they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] happening now, former first lady michelle obama is speaking at the apple worldwide's developers conference in san jose. >> it came has a surprise to many. >> ali is live with more on the story. hey, ali. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that speech underway and the announcement about her speech came as a surprise to some of the people attending the apple worldwide's developers conference. it was announced by ceo tim cook yesterday at the end of his keynote address.
9:17 am
media is not allowed inside. we did talk to some people who are attending the week-long conference. you only get a ticket if you pay $1,800 to attend the conference. we got some photos from people inside of the auditorium right now. former first lady michelle obama speaking to a large crowd. you can see a large auditorium fairly packed sitting down with former epa administrator lisa jackson. jackson who now works at app. le head -- apple heading up the environmental initiative whachl -- initiative. what she talking about? according the people in the room suggestions for entrepreneurs and what life is like having left the presidency and the white house. her life as a normal person. also talked about writing a book about being the first lady for 8 years. her speech got underway concerned
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around 8:00. as ere arly as 4:#350e78 -- early as 4:30 people were waiting to get a seat for her appearance. she's sitting down with lisa jock -- jackson for the discussion. jackson is the former head of the obama epa who now works for apple. some of the people we spoke to in line before this speech began said that they really wanted to hear the former lady talk about environmental issues but they are happy to listen to her talk about comment on just about everything. >> she's an awesome role model for all the women i would say. i think that she just exceeds -- shows con fe dense. -- confidence. >> i hope she talks about all the good things and the courage and the way to change things. just to be inspiring. >> reporter: now, earlier this morning there were long lines of
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people filing into the convention center. not just for mrs. obama's speech but also for day two of this week long conference. most of the people have gone inside for the full day of events here. former first lady michelle obama speaking to some of the attendees of the apple worldwide developers conference right now. however, media not allowed in the room and apple said they will not be live streaming this speech by the former first lady and it will not be filmed 678 >> thank you, a -- filmed. >> thank you , ali. apple unveiled the home pod. the smart speaker is expected to challenge the echo. it's expected to sale for $349. it's the first major new product from the company since the apple watch was unveiled back in 2015. a new feature in apple's latest operating system could make the roads safer. there will be a do not disturb while driving mode in ios 11. your iphone will be able to detect
9:20 am
when you are driving. notifications will be mute and your screen will remain dark while you are driving. an all the message will be sent to whoever is trying to contact you. a public beta version of the operating system could be available later this month. an -- san francisco city attorney wants to know more about uber and lyft and their drivers. subpoenas were issued yesterday for four years of records. dennis hererra want ts to know how many miles drivers logged, what training they received, what neighborhoods they serve and whether their vehicles are accessible to the disable. he filed a -- disabled. he filed a state public records act to get reports about their effects on traffic safety, suggestion and air pollution. coming up, training on how to behave during a traffic stop. a goal behind a new bill being proposed in louisiana.
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a new study finds that oakland police treat black drivers with less respect than white drivers. that's according to stanford researchers who say they used 183 hours of body camera video taken during traffic stops in 2014. researchers say when the motorist was black police officers were judged to be less respectful, less polite, less friendly, less formal and less impartial than when the motorist was white. they identified 37,000 distinct comments made by 245 police officers p op -- police officers. now opd has not commented be you the department be right back but the -- but the department tired a new chief. drivers in louisiana could soon be required the take an etiquette class to know what to do when they get pulled over by police. the state legislature passed a bill to add the course requirements for new drivers. the goal is the lessen the chances of the routine stop escalating into violence between
9:24 am
a police officer and a driver. louisiana state senator ron gady said that he came up with the idea after taking with demetri simmons who played for the 49ers. >> he contacteded my office and asked me to author a bill on how to educate young drivers. >> they include having tips like having documentation available, keeping your hands viz and, having your window issue viz -- visible, having the window rolled down. our question of the day has to do with that report. do you think that california drivers should be rekwoo ired to take -- required to take classes on how to behave when pulled over. let us know what you think. most of you, 67% said no, you don't. 33% say yes. leave your xhebts. -- comments. scott said just lump it in with existing driver
9:25 am
training. >> chris said no, that's something to be taught at home not to mention common sense. >> jodi said not sure how much good it will do, people take classes on how to drive and still can't do that well enough. >> we'll keep tracking your responses. if you're planning any summer trips, if you still have time to get cheap air fare? according to, today if you want to make random decision it's the cheapest day to travel. july 4th, august 22nd and september 12th have been rated some of the cheapest days to fly. those dates all fall on a tuesday. fare compare also said sales typically start on tuesday before noontime. other cheap days to fly, wednesday and saturday with the most expensive days typically falling of course on friday and sunday. >> everybody thinks that they want to get away on friday. >> you want to get away on a wednesday. >> yes, i do.
9:26 am
yes, i do. december spite high home prices three bay area zip codes were named the top three places to raise a family in the u.s. a study looked at the 50 largest metro areas in the country and used data including school rankings and local public services to make the list. 74960 came in at number 30. 94596 came in at number 28. the top honor went to blue springs, missouri near kansas city. coming up here on mornings on 2, the nine from the 94607, the warriors getting ready to face the cavaliers in cleaved. the vans -- in cleveland. the advantages this year compared to last year. >> ditching video games for outside fun. the hottest hot door toys for your children this summertime. time.
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welcome back, everyone. we are talking about that story out of louisiana where they are debating on whether or not to make drivers take classes on how to e behave when -- to behave when you get pulled over. would you be a fan of something in california? jodi tweeted not sure how much god doosh good -- good that would do, people take classes on how to drive and still don't do well enough. >> chris said that it's common sense how to behave. >> eric should oakland california police take places -- police take places on how to talk respectfully to drivers when they pull them over? talking about the story that e with just did. mj said classes driving in general would help people avoid getting pulled over in the first place. >> thank you for your responses. reach us on twitter. use that tash hashtag ktvu. one of the best drivers that i know in the parking lot out back here.
9:30 am
steve paulson always graceful. >> i always drive about 57, 58. >> really ? even at 3:00 in the morning? >> at 3:00 in the morning, yeah. once a while it hit 59. >> where are you going,? >> i'm in a hurry usually just like you, sal. we have a bigger fog bank today compared to yesterday. it burned off really quick yesterday. the temperatures warmed #u7. yesterday was -- warmed up. yesterday was the warmest day of the week. we had low clouds but they are retreating. they are favoring areas near the coast. morning clouds, sunny and nice. it will be warm inland. the fog bank ramps up big time, cooling begins for everybody tomorrow. clouds and rain. did he say rain? i did say rain. it moves in on thursday. a cooler and windy pattern into saturday maybe or sunday. fog or sun today, more sun. most locations will be warm inland but probably not as warm as yesterday. there's a little bit of a breeze. jamie in oakley said i feel a broez. that -- breeze. that mean s there should be --
9:31 am
that means there should be more later on. this system is going to sweep in here begins tomorrow, late wednesday into thursday. a possibility of some rain. now it does look look -- look like the golden gate north. not a lot but any rain in june is a bonus and a little unusual. could be some record amounts near reddings, sacramento. there will be drizzle. there's a lot of fog out there ready to go. it just needs a little help. if kwour by the coast 50s -- if you're buy the coast 50s -- if you're buy -- by the coast 50s to 60s today. maybe near clear lake 90 degrees. got ready for a huge change in june that will start tomorrow and sweep all the way through into the weekend with well below normal temperatures. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. firefighter s say that a grass fire yesterday kind of a timely reminder that fire season is starting to settle in here in california. investigators say that a car sparked the fire that
9:32 am
quickly spread along 24 in arenda yesterday. this happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. it burned about 25 acres. a driver pulled over to the side of the road. that car then caught fire near the wilder road exit. flames spread to the grass and wept up -- went up the hill. eastbound lanings of 24 re-- lanes reopened 3 hours after that, three eastbound lanes -- westbound lanes did not open until 6:00. relief is coming to people living on roads damaged by storms. they told the bay area news group they will work on morgan territory road near clayton. it was hit by a landslide in february. crews will begin work on the over crossings to cover the hammer valley road. the two projects will total about $6 million. google is spear heading an educational campaign to teach children how to protect themselves from scams, predators and other trouble. the program is called be internet aware.
9:33 am
google coordinated the circumstance line up with several -- circumstance -- kirk lemm curriculum with safety groups for kids between 8 and 12, the time that most children are getting a smart phone. they are encouraging teachers to use it in their classrooms too. it's day two of the bill cosby sexual assault trial near philadelphia. >> if -- the mother of one of the accusers is on the witness. al lon barber has the -- alison barber has the latest from pennsylvania. >> are you red -- ready for day two? >> bill cosby arriving in court on tuesday morning. the 79-year-old is accused of drugging and sexual assaulting andrea constand more than a decade yesterday. yesterday kelly johnson told the court the same thing happened to her. she said at the time she didn't report it to the police because she was intimidated. cosby's lawyer said that her story doesn't match up, she said that it happened in 1996 but said years ago during a deposition
9:34 am
she testified that it happened in 1990. johnson's attorney said she handled it welch >> i think that -- welch >> i think that -- it well. >> she did well on direct. i think that the defense was over the top shouting at her and trying to confuse her but she knows what she said is her truth about what happened. she stuck to it. she was not intimidated. back here in the bay area this morning we want to talk a little bit about the warriors although they are out there on the road in cleveland getting ready for a work out at quicken loans arena. golden state up two games to zip here in the nba finals. scott reese exams how the warriors actually man to make sure that history does not repeat itself. >> it was one year ago that the warriors took a 2-0 finals lead over the cavaliers. >> cleveland will have to regroup. >> and regroup it did winning
9:35 am
game three and ultimately shockingly winning the series. >> razzle-dazzle. >> here we are begin. the dubs blow out the cavs twice at home and now head to cleveland. >> trust me, we know. it was 2 hoff 0 last year and -- it was 2-0 last year and we lost. this is where the series changed. >> why different this time around. well, there are several reasons. first the history itself. >> knowing what a road game in the finals in cleveland is like. their crowd is crazy. we have to do little things. >> and then there's kevin durant. putting up historic post-season numbers. >> i'm just trying to play hard. i keep saying this, play hard every possession. >> with kd leading the way, the warriors have done nothing but win. an nba record 14 straight playoff games. but more than that, it's how they have won. in remarkable fashion by an
9:36 am
average of just under 17 points per contest. >> the team is playings at another -- playing at another level, one rare ri if -- rarely if ever seen in the sport. that's the biggest difference from a year ago, the ora of absolute invincible. >> so while winning in cleveland is far from a given, a championship appears close to a given. >> we just have to keep going and keep our foot on the gas and keep getting better every day. >> this year's group will make sure of it. >> in oakland, scott reese, ktvu sport 2 sports. >> game three set for tomorrow night in cleveland. tip off at 6:00 our time. game four will also be out there in cleveland if the cavs win one of those two games both teams pack it up and head back here to oakland for game five. that's scheduled for monday night. there are warrior watch parties all across the bay area tomorrow. like last year's finals, there will be a giant big screen out there at san francisco civic center play
9:37 am
saudi arabia. that -- plaza. that's family friendly, tho alcohol allowed -- no alcohol allowed. there are gathering at restaurants, the alameda theater. also inside oracle. if you decide to go to the arena that will cost you $20. proceeds go to the warrior's chartable found -- charitable foundation though. stay here. we will deliver reports from cleveland. school is out for some students here in the bay area. more schools are letting out this week and #234eks week sum -- next week summer break means more free time for thely ones. -- for the little ones. >> now according to a new survey 96% of parents want to see their children playing outside and to put those electronics down. >> here's some ideas on out door fun and toys that mom and dad might remember. we are joy be right -- joined by the toys r us manager paul. i have all these movie toys. >> everybody knows that summer is movie time for the kids.
9:38 am
everybody is out of school. it's getting hot outside. let's put down the cell phones and the computers and get outside and have some fun. >> i'm with you on that one. >> absolute ly. so toys r us has a great selection of all the best stuff to have fun outside with the kids now that they are out. so you've got bubble blowers, you have bubble mowers, everybody is into drones and flying things. we have helicopters now, little tykes has done a great job for 4 plus year olds to learn how to fly a helicopter now before you move up to the drones and stuff. everybody loves squirt guns and ner of guns. -- nerf guns. now you have guns that will shoot 90 feet for target practice in the backyard. awesome fun times. >> what about that? some drones can go up to triple digits, like $100 or plus. >> no, it's only $45. real a affordable. >> how old do you recommend -- i guess it says 4 and up. >> it's super easy to control. mom and dad can show the kids,
9:39 am
the youngsters how to do it in less than 5 minutes sglchs look at this -- >> look at this phone. this is an oldie. >> i had this. >> it's coming back. >> fish er price has done a great job of reintroducing some classic toys that moms an dads and -- and dads and grandparents can appreciate. >> this is something that you wish that your parents saved. this is a dog. i have to say, toys r us is on the thing. >> it is. >> these toys were hot when i was a kid, now i have children of my own so they can dined -- kind of banking on that memory. >> exactly. everybody has fun reliving old memories. >> what about this one? >> everybody loves the fidget spinners. >> don't let mrs. boston see that. she will take it. >> this thing is the hottest product right now. >> this is a big debate. my son, 7, wants one and my wife doesn't want to. i said why not?
9:40 am
>> baa you have to get -- you have to et g one. they -- you have to get one. they are $6.99. they are not going to pick up the cell phone, they are going to pick up the if fidget spinner. >> that are they dangerous? >> yes, they are. my 7 7-year-old just refed one as a -- received one as a birthday gift. they go like this to your shoulder. i say stay away from mommy's teeth or she's out of a job. >> how old for a fidget spinner? >> i would recommend 7 on up. >> okay . >> and definitely you have to be careful. now that school is out you can whip them out. i know some schools are like put them up. >> principals and teachers, we have heard the announcements, got the e-mails home. this is not a class room toy. >> it isn't. it's a heck of a popular one. these are lol dolls. shop kins were hot but now it's this one. it's a surprise collectible doll. you take the ball apart and peel back layers.
9:41 am
every player has a part of the doll. it's a hot collectible. >> you know what i like? >> what? >> water balloons. >> you have them, right? >> yeah, we have a bunch of balloon products right now. you can get 100 balloons that will fill on a nose $100 balloons that will fill on a nose l -- on a nozzle at once. >> or even the sprinkler on the front lawn, that was 80% of my childhood summer. >> yeah. >> i appreciate you coming 234. >> thank you -- coming in. >> thank you . >> i will not take that. i'm not going to brain that home. -- bring that home. the store manager at the toys r us in pleasant hill. we will be right back after the break. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us
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americans are expected to increase their spending for dads on father's day this year. i guess that's a good thing for dads outs there. -- dads out there. father's day shoppers expected to spend an average of $135 for the holiday up $126 from last year. it tops last year's record of $14.3 billion. by the way in case you don't know, june 18th is father's day. >> the biggest gift is i don't have to worry about goating a gift. >> -- getting a gift. sdwls >> the pressure is off. we have a couple of do it yourself. >> joining this morning tom of the money pit. thank you for joining us, 2078. >> -- tom. >> thank you great to be with you. >> the average spending on
9:45 am
dad's day is $135. do you have anything that won't put dad to work? >> yeah, we have just above and just below that. so if your dad is just getting started with tools think about something in the one plus line. this is the combo hit that's the ultimate combo kit for dad. it's an 18 bolt power set of tools. four power tools. you get a combat drill, a saw, an impact driver and a circular saw with a couple of batteries and a bag. that's $199. the nice thing oobt one police is it's -- one -- the nice thing about one plus is the same battery powers about 70 tools. they came out with a new glue gun. it's great. few it's self-stand -- it's self-standing. that's $30. so that's great for dads just getting started. you have a dad who has every tool think about this husky workbench here. you got plenty of room for
9:46 am
everything. it's about 6 inchings deep. it carries quite a bit of tools. it's really strong. every drawer is made to hold 100 pounds. i've been testing wit the sandbag that's 16 pounds. has no effect on it. it's really a tough piece of equipment. >> tom, that means that i'm going to be doing a lot of work. >> get out the honey do list. >> is there a family project or something to all come together? >> there's a lot of things that you can do with kids for a family project. if you're going to do painting or wallpapering or refinishing the furniture that's a simple thing. if wow want -- if you want to wallpaper get a laser level. this one is from bosch. it's four times brighter and it's self-levelling too. >> i want one of those. >> if you have a dad who -- >> yeah, right. in you -- if you have a dad that's forgettable there's a tick. it's a tool tacker.
9:47 am
you just attach it and it's going to track where that tool is all the time. if you loan the tool to your brother-in-law you are going the know because you will see it in his garage. so that's the kind of good thing for dads. let's face it, we are forgettable as a group. >> i wand want -- wanted to sger -- interject that home depot has nice barbecues. they have really nice barbecues. >> maybe. >> tom -- >> there's a lot of new ones out from ebb we are right now -- from weber right now. sfwls we appreciate your -- >> woe appreciate -- we priesht you time -- we appreciate your time. are you gas or charcoal? just in case? >> both. you a new -- a new report said this fewer men are going to college. the denver post reports that women make up 06% of -- 60 more per -- 60% of all bachelor degrow holders. more -- degrow holders -- degrow molders -- degree holders. many men are passing because of
9:48 am
student loan debt. coming up at 9:00, a little downward dog to bring some sen in your life. the one specific streser that has more -- stressor that has more and more people turning to yoga nationwide. [ birds chirping ]
9:49 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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@ lea is -- tesla is unveiling the model 3 before they go into mass production. a model was on full display. it goes from 0 to 60
9:51 am
in 5.6 seconds. ive has a -- it has a driving range of 215 miles. there are not many more detailings being re-- details being released about the new tesla but hundreds of thousands have preordered the mod 83. >> -- model 3. >> it's a game changer. even if he sells half as many as people reserved that could be just a ground swell of support for electric vehicles. and lists -- >> analysts say that it will be a challenge for the fremont facility to meet new demand for the new model. they are hoping to produce 500,000 cars a year. amazon is offering a discount on their prime membership for people who receive government assistance. customers who get benefits from the snap program or food stamps request pay $5 preponderate 99 -- stamps can pay $5.99 a month
9:52 am
for a membership. they are suffered free shipping and unlimited steaming. the company said thats the -- said this is to make prime more accessible. new regulations for self-cars could be in place in the next few months. the trump administration will be unveiling new guidelines overhauling the ones put in place during the obama administration. car makers are looking for rules that will get rid of barriers by turning over detailed data that delays testing and gets their technology on the road sooner. >> -- so if today's political climate is adding stress to your life yoga could be the answer. some people are taking it up to get away from the political climate. yoga and meditation coaches said they are seeing increased enrollment. according to the american psychological association, stress is on the rise for the first time in 10 years. >> it carriese -- we carry so much
9:53 am
unnecessary stress, so much unnecessary worry worrying about the things that we can be the go. -- can't control. you can let it go with a calmer perspective. we can't control some things. >> the american psychological association reported that 26% of u.s. workers felt stressed by political talks on the job. they said that it's as easy as breath work or poses that can help you lead a stress free life. the giants can stress me out but didn't yesterday. nice pitching. jeff semarga struck out 10 batters and didn't allow a walk. that puts him at 58 strike outs and just one walk in his past seven starts. in the 8th inning former brewer aaron hill rips this one down the left field line bringing in two runs putting the giants on top. it did not stop there.
9:54 am
the unites -- the giants won by a final of 7-2. >> finally. ryan heely is who a's fans are talking about this morning. he brought the a's to a victor last -- victory against the toronto blue jays with two home ones. he put the a's ahead 3-1 and then in the 4th heely hit another 2- run jack. that's all that the a's would need. they won 4-3. the san jose earthquakes will introduce their new president tom fox. fox joins the quakes after two years as a ceo after a club in the english football league. the quakes will introduce him as a ceremony. san jose has played 15 games so far this season and won five of them. their next game is set for the 14th against the san francisco deltas. an 8-year-old girl's soccer team was disqualify fied because of
9:55 am
-- disqualified ied because of a mispriptd and a haircut. millie helped lead their team to the finals. they thought that she was a little boy because of a haircut and it's against regulation for a boy to play on a girl's team. the soccer association claim that is a misprint on the team's roster had her listed as male. >> the president of the tournament said that we made our decision and we wouldn't change it even -- and we had two -- we had her insurance card and we had a paper from when she was five. they said female on both. >> me my -- my brother said it's because of the looks. when they look at me think they that i'm a boy but i'm really not. >> the team's coach thinks that race also played a factor here and has filed a complaint with the nebraska state soccer association. meanwhile soccer legends reached out to hernandez offering her their help. it's a big day for the
9:56 am
clooney family. we just learned that 56-year-old george and wife amali we canned twins, ella and alexander at a hospital in london this morning. clooney's publicist made the announcement saying they are happy, healthy and doing fine. he joked that george is sedated and should recover in a few days. >> all the work he did. >> rite -- right. >> they they maerd back in 20 -- they married back in 2014 after george insisted had a married life dsh that married -- that maryland married life wasn't for him. these the children for the both of them. the head of the san francisco trau that recover -- trauma will join us here tomorrow. what are your chances of finding true love? we'll have your guide to digital dating if that is your which -- if that is your thing. >> it happens. >> our own producer fourth -- -- -- found true love and she's
9:57 am
getting married. it works for some. >> it's the cheapest day to travel so book your flight. >> where are we going? >> let's talk about it. oakland inter national. thank you for watching, everyone. maybe we'll see you back here at noon. >> you -- i'm here. >> jeff and i are taking a break. >> you are out of here. your bags are packed. quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: welcome to the show. welcome my studio audience. how you doin? i'm doing okay today.


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